Writing for the Internet

Prerequisites: A good grasp of English writing skills, familiarity with traversing the Internet, enough time to write a few paragraphs per week and to give feedback to others on their writing.

At the beginning of the course, members will set up their section of a shared WordPress website.  The website will allow written works to be saved privately for other members to review and comment on privately.  Members may also choose to make their work public.

At the end of the course, members may continue to post their work on the shared website, but they should have the skills to set up a website of their own as well.

Course Objectives:

To gain the basic skills for writing online, and what the differences are for writing for online publication and writing for print.

To understand how to set up and maintain a WordPress website.

To know what it takes to sell yourself as an author.

To build and maintain a following of readers.

Understand monetization opportunities (or lack thereof!)

We may continue on to ePublishing if there is enough interest.