Submission Guidelines

The Really Short Version:

SoulOfWit is a writers’ community.  A writers’ community is a place where people write for passion and improvement, read for entertainment & understanding, and discuss for useful interaction.

Note: Articles written for commercial purposes or for link-building would not fit into the above definition of ‘writers’ community’ and therefore would not be allowed on

Articles that you submit to SoulOfWit must be original material that is solely owned by you.

Formatting guidelines:

  • Do not repeat the title at the top of the article body.
  • Do not put your name or business name in the title of the article.
  • Do not put quotes around the title of the article.
  • While we allow limited self-promotion and limited promotion of a writer’s books, we do not allow any other commercial promotion.
  • Do not use redirected links.
  • Do not use affiliate links in your article or your bio.
  • Do not over-use formatting options like bold or font color.
  • Do not submit a part article and require the reader to click thru to finish reading.
  • Do not use character formatting such as underscores or dashes to create lines, asterisks to create bullet points, etc. This breaks HTML formatting when view on different devices.
  • Do not submit articles which do not have proper paragraph spacing such as no paragraph breaks or double-spaced breaks.
  • Disallowed Subject Matter:

SoulOfWit does not allow articles about Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, Affiliate Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, Money-Making Schemes, Paid Surveys, Hacking, Cracking, Gambling, Sexual Enhancement, Article Spinning, Replica Products, Escorts or articles which give instruction for illegal activity.  SoulOfWit does not allow articles which direct readers to a page which exist for the primary purpose of gathering the reader’s contact information. SoulOfWit requires that all articles be written in English.  If you submit articles which are disallowed, your articles may be moved to one of our network sites which allow such articles, or your account may be closed.

If you write about a topic which is known to be a high-spam topic, your article may be rejected on removed completely.  If all you can write about is high-spam topics, your account may be closed.

Grudge articles, articles intended to smear other entities whether they are a business or personal, are not allowed.  Articles which incite hatred or violence, against any entity, are not allow.

Articles created using automated methods, such as article spinning, are not allowed.  If it is detected that a SoulOfWit member is using automated content generation, that member’s account will be closed without warning.


Images are allowed in articles if the author of the article has appropriate permission to publish the images.  Author assumes full responsibility for copyright of images which appear within his or her articles.

Images are not allowed to be hot-linked or hosted from another server outside of the domain.

Images of authors are allowed for in the profile picture on each account.  Authors are not allowed to bypass this and post their image within the article or author bio.

Bio’s (Resource Box):

  • Bio’s must be written in 3rd person.
  • Bio’s must primarily be about you.
  • Bio’s must contain no more than 2 links.