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Hilda Cang

February 21, 2014


A girl was looking for a job. She was so desperate that she walked in a shop and asked the manager if there's any work for her.

The manager glanced at her and said " We 'd like to hire you but due to the economy recession, there's nothing much to do here. "

The girl quickly said " Doesn't matter if there's no work, as long there's salary that would be fine with me. " cheeky

Who Is The Boss

During a staff meeting recently, Peter was complaining about some of the staff  who didn't respect him as a boss and that made him rather unhappy.

The next morning, Peter had an idea.  He left home early than usual and  he was the first one to get in the office as well. Gingerly, he placed a little wooden sign that says : I AM THE BOSS right on his door so that every staff should be able to see it and at least they should catch the meaning, for that matter. Sometimes, one got to believe that action does speak louder than words. Peter was aware that his staff could forget what he said many a time. But with a clear sign that surely would remind them to respect him as a boss.

Everything seemed running  well until after lunch. When Peter got back from his lunch in the food court nearby,  his eyes caught a message that was pasted next to the wooden sign card that said : Your wife had called to say that she wanted the sign card to be returned to her ASAP without delay. " crying

Advice From The Principal

A principal was telling the teachers how to deal with the different standards of their students.

" Be nice to those who scored 100 marks for they may become the future scientists. Be nice to those who scored 80 marks for they may become your co-workers. Be nice to those who failed in the exam for they may donate money to the school. Be nice to those who cheated in the exam for they may become your boss. Be nice to those who terminated halfway in their studies for they may become Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg or Jobs. " enlightened

The Purpose Of Living To A 100

A man went to consult a doctor for some longevity tips and advice.

Man : Can you tell me how to live to a 100 ?

Doc : No.1. Quit drinking and smoking.

Man : I don't drink or smoke at all.

Doc : No.2. Quit sex.

Man : I am not a womanizer.

Doc : Cut down on red meat.

Man : I am a vegetarian.

Doc : Then what's the point for you to want to live to a 100 ? sad

Anyhow, a man's meat could be another man's poison.

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by Patricia Johnson
2 years 88 days ago.
Very funny Hilda, thanks for the smiles :)

by Hilda Cang
2 years 88 days ago.
Glad that these made you smile, Pat.
by Jennifer Stewart
2 years 90 days ago.
These are funny, Hilda! I love the one about the salary!
by Hilda Cang
2 years 90 days ago.
haha...who don't want salary ? Work or not work really doesn't matter.
Thanks for reading, Jennifer.

Have a great day !
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