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  • Review-The Trillionist

    The Trillionist, Sagan Jeffries, 2013, ISBN 9781894063982 This novel is the story of a young man named Sage Rojan. Even from birth, Sage's parents knew that he was "different." In the crib, it looked like he was talking to someone. He spoke in complete sentences at a very young age. As a child, Sage would suddenly fly into a rage, for no apparent reason. He was also incredibly smart. The reason was that Sage had a Presence, not an actual being, living inside him. The Presence needed a technologically advanced planet, so, with its "help," Sage invented all sorts of techno-marvels. It started with a way to learn what was happening on the other...1 continue reading...


    FROGS AND FRAUDS, ISPS, AAP By Ivan Petryshyn I have already mentioned that a Slavic counterpart for “fraud” is “Pravda”, which, in fact, means  the “truth”- languages like to mock at people, you know. But what about the real “fraud”, Latin “fraudis”? It’s something fake, falsified on purpose, which in Slavic is “peedloh” – something that is faked and substitutes a real, legal document. I wouldn’t be surprised if you tell me that you are aware of that. And I am happy you are. Anything falsified is bad and wrong and illegal. It is. And, yet, there are other kinds of frauds, by default. 1. Hiding info or a document that... continue reading...


    Alcohol and Personality Changes: Dark Force Entity Overshadowing When some alcohol drinkers get drunk they tend to happily place lampshades on their heads, act silly,  wax wittily and are mostly affable but, there are  some very pleasant people who instead of friendly, grow angry, abusive and confrontational, when they become  inebriated. There is a bizarre spiritual explanation and it involves the unseen world of phantoms, who surround and fill the air around us. There are some spiritually inept and unadept paranormal philosophers and self appointed mystics who claim that demons, are as rare as diamonds, far.. continue reading...

  • 19 April, Irony

    When I was a little girl, few dates on a calendar meant anything to me.     Growing up in Boston, 19 April was a big deal.   It was Paul Revere Day.   Hurrah!

    My brother, George, is a pretty good cook and he makes the best chicken wings, beef jerky and potato Latkes or pancakes. Every once in awhile he decides to clean out his freezer and last week he did and came up with this version of a seafood chowder which he emailed to me and I wanted to share it with anyone who enjoys seafood chowder. ? George’s Seafood chowder recipe His email said, “Most will probably not be interested, but I had some fish, shrimp and Scallops in the freezer and went on-line to find something to do with them. I found a recipe and made some changes to it. I was blown away by the taste. Here is my version.”...5 continue reading...

  • Ella's Attic

    Fly Me to the Mall and Let me play among the Stores

    It started with one of our usual phone conversations about how to spend the delicious hours of freedom yawning before us in the day ahead. My BFF Sophie and I, now confirmed "mall junkies," had met ten years ago; our meeting culminating in mutual retirement from the monotonous, regimented, imprisoning responsibilities of the supermarket managerial regime. After 3 years of unaccustomed madcap freedom from the 9-5 harness of enforced slavery in the public mines of aberrant psychological dysplasia, we had finally begun to settle comfortably onto the hallelujah trail of halcyon physical and mental liberty. Staring into the frightening and seemingly...1 continue reading...

  • Can You Catch a Frog?

       I drove up to the Incinerator Complex the other day to check out a malfunction that was written on the propane system--it was "making a funny noise." As I drove by on my utility cart Tony, an operator up there, flagged me down. He was over at #2 Primary Clarifier telescopic valves drawing sludge. He trotted over to my cart with a concerned look on his face and, in absolute seriousness, asked, "Can you catch a frog?"      My mouth dropped open. He's not usually a jokester. He doesn't drink a lot or do drugs, as far as I know, and by the look on his face I could see he wasn't kidding. "What!!?" I asked....2 continue reading...

  • Rest in Peace Walter L. Scott

    At about 9:30 pm on Saturday North Charleston police officer Michael T. Slager shot and killed an unarmed African American Walter L. Scott (pictured above) while he was running away. The North Charleston police statement’s version of the events was that Slager pulled Scott over for a broken tail light. Scott ran, so Slager used his Taser to try and stop. That didn’t work and a scuffle ensued, during which Scott grabbed the Taser and tried to use it on the officer, who was forced to resort to his service weapon. He shot Scott dead. That was the official original police report. It’s clear from the police statement that something isn’t true. First...7 continue reading...

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