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    Angels are divine beings, go-betweens between human beings and God,  another sentient creation of God, who speak only telepathically, and who are usually depicted as splendid, most holy beings, who have varied wings. The color and size of their wings delineate the level of their angelic status, as  the angelic realms are highly structured and have specific hierarchies; there are many levels as well as many categories. Angels have surely mesmerized spiritual people for millennia, who sought these beings because of their love for those with open hearts to God, beings noted for instilling a spiritual sense of gratefulness to... continue reading...

  • 23 Rules to Live By

    1. Use your head and listen to your heart. 2.  Aim for being imperfect. You'll probably succeed. And success is good for you. 3. Make rules and then use your head, listen to your heart and if your rules don’t apply any more, toss them. When you’re making new ones, use your head, listen to your heart. 4. If you’re going to speculate on the future, make sure your speculations make you happy and optimistic about life and you and everything. If they don’t, find something else to do other than speculating. (Hint, see 7, 11, 12…) 5. Avoid smugly spiritual people. In fact, avoid smugly anything people. 6. People who believe they’re better than you..9 continue reading...

  • The Art of Making Some Really Good Popcorn

    Popcorn, also known as popping corn is a type of corn (maize, Zea mays var. everta) that expands from the kernel and puffs up when heated. Popcorn differs from other varieties of corn in that is has a thicker hull. The hull allows pressure from the heated water to build and eventually bursts open. The inside starch becomes gelatinous while being heated; when the hull bursts, the gelatinized starch spills out and cools, giving it its familiar popcorn shape. Popcorn was first domesticated in Mexico 9,000 years ago from a wild grass. A few thousands of years later it then made its way across Central to South America.... continue reading...

  • A Quiet Night

    Sometime ago, the electric power that feeds to our community went out.   In our development all utilities are underground except for street lights.   I have utilitarian LED table lights and 1 continue reading...

  • Let It Go

    EVERY year before 10th or 15th of December, my daughter would get ready everyone a Christmas present that is stacked up under the Christmas tree so that everyone can open it on Christmas Eve after dinner. This year is no exception. In fact, she did the shopping much early while going around and bought her daughter and son and mom and dad and husband each something nice wrapped up in fanciful paper. Her daughter had been getting curious and anxious ever since she saw the presents under the Christmas tree but she behaved the first week ignoring any temptation to guess what her present would be. But today, after her holiday art class, she could...9 continue reading...

  • This & That With Kovacs

    Merry Christmas, Bah! Humbug! And The Catnip Babe from Aisle 11

    It was ten days before Christmas as I ran into the store to pick up a 40 pound box of kitty litter. I didn’t need anything else so it was to be a quick easy in and out.  It was a bit before 5:00 PM so I was surprised how crowded the parking lot was. But Christmas was just around the corner and places certainly get busy this time of year. I immediately went to the pet aisle and saw that it was almost completely blocked by two shoppers; blocking both ends. I went all the way around from where I was at to try to get around to the easier looking shopper. Her cart was only blocking 50% of the aisle where the other woman was blocking about 95%....7 continue reading...

  • Will this be on the test?

    The poetry professor stands before his class, thrilled that he has another chance to share his passion with a room full of eager students who are hanging on every word.  He is sure that each one hopes to gain fresh insight into the beauty and majesty of his favorite art form. He is not so much a teacher as an ambassador of prose.  Or so he thinks.  Then a hand goes up in the back of the classroom.  He is sure they want clarification of a point.  He nods acknowledgement and the question comes out.  “Will this be on the test?”  He wishes that when they opened their mouth, they had screamed profanity or... continue reading...

  • The Man Who Hated Glass Eyeballs: Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart

    "Governments may think and say as they like, but force cannot be eliminated, and it is the only real and unanswerable power. We are told that the pen is mightier than the sword, but I know which of these weapons I would choose." From Happy Odyssey , the memoirs of Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart. Thirty-four year old Adrian Carton de Wiart, a Dragoon officer who, most recently, had been assigned to the Somaliland Camel Corps during their suppression of an uprising in the British East African colony, was confident, calm and determined as he stood before the Medical Review Board. He later described the glass eyeball, which he’d shoved into his empty... continue reading...

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