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  • Comparing Yourself With Others Is Not In Your Best Interest

    How far have you gone with your purpose in life? You are special and unique before God and so is your purpose. But comparing yourself with others will distract you and hinder you from fulfilling it. The people you compare yourself with are not better positioned than you are before God, what you have and where you are, are enough for you to deliver. This article gives you reasons why it is foolishness to compare yourself with others. For we dare not class ourselves or compare ourselves with those who commend themselves. But they, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise - 1 Corinthians 10:12 (NKJV)... continue reading...

  • "ALIEN HUNTER", by Derrel Sims: a review by Paul Schroeder

    "ALIEN HUNTER", by Derrel Sims: a review by Paul Schroeder When I was younger, I was distressed and frantic about my sightings of overhead UFOs, confused and alarmed by accompanying, concurrent paranormal experiences, and then I by fortuitous chance, stumbled upon Derrel Sims. He was patient, wise and reassuring to me, over the telephone. Well known, as an "Alien Hunter", Derrel seemed omnipresent throughout the World Wide Web of the Internet  and he was very busily engaged in helping  other alien abductees. Nonetheless, I often held on for an hour, sure that he was too tired after sessions to return my calls.... continue reading...

  • Running from Grace and a Rescue Dog Named Truffle

    After weeks of sitting with a rescue dog, the day had finally come to adopt.  She had been rescued from a hording situation involving more than sixty dogs.  She was so afraid of people that she cowered and shook when anyone even looked at her.  Given any opening, she would try to escape and run away from what terrified her, toward who knows what. Before making the decision to adopt, my daughter visited many times and just sat on the floor in a visitation room with Truffle the dog.  Over time, Truffle became comfortable enough that she would sleep next to her during the visit.  A sign that she felt safe.  She even...1 continue reading...

  • Enough Said!


    I probably will forever look at barns differently since I learned the truth about terrorism from Miss Jo, likely our next president.  I can almost see her there on the front porch of the White House, picking her banjo pondering the problems of the world, one note at a time. She came home for the weekend after a trip around the country spinning her yarn about how to get America out of the mud. Putting the country into four-wheel drive and moving forward. Getting back on the road...the road to somewhere...somewhere new we haven’t been before. A scary thought to those who don’t believe in natural freedoms. Going somewhere new is always a little...3 continue reading...

  • Welcome to the World of Garlic and Honey

    Garlic and honey are two staples in our food chain that have a long history of not only being good for us nutritionally, but medicinally. Over the years garlic is a common kitchen herb with many medicinal uses, such as helping to resolve colds, coughs, sore throat, and sinus infections. Externally it can be used for skin infections. Personally, I have a hard time downing or chewing whole cloves of garlic, but I do loved it chopped or minced up into my various recipes thus knowing I am helping myself health-wise because I know that garlic helps reduce blood sugar and high blood pressure. I even read that it is also helpful to treat Malaria... continue reading...

  • No One At the Window

    Naomi had lived a simple life after spending a very short time with the Love of her life.  They married at the Courthouse and he was off to basic training with the Navy. In their days of knowing each other before deciding on a quick marriage, they had made plenty of plans. He wrote as often as he could.  She’d respond to the address he’d give her.  Each letter held words of love that crossed the continental United States to wherever he was. Mail was sporadic.  No matter she was happy to get an envelope from her Beloved.  The day the married they stopped by a photograph shop.  They could only afford tiny wallet size... continue reading...

  • Of Hollywood, Playing It Safe, Heroes & Heroines

    Hollywood. Who can ever understand what motivates decision makers in their choices of scripts to pump money into? Lots of people think they’ve nailed a formula for success, most notably those who teach scriptwriting and sell their services as script editors. It’s a huge industry. They all claim they know what makes producers choose your script. They gloss over the truth that ‘producers’ come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them think they know the formula for success and they reckon the other guy doesn't. The other guy - oh, I don't need to finish this sentence, do I? The script teachers and editors also rarely agree with each other. It’s...2 continue reading...

  • Ella's Attic

    Meditation- Why Do We Do It? ( One Size Doesn't Fit All)

    When what we consider to be “bad” things, happen to us, we can see them as an opportunity to grow and evolve, or as an obstacle in our path to growth and evolution; we choose with our own free will how we will use everything that happens to us in this world. We inhibit the freedom of our mind and spirit by our continuous force feeding of them. We do this in an urgency of anxious fear that we won't be able to nourish them as quickly and sufficiently as we should. Meditation is a method by which we may give our mind a rest, so to speak; to open the windows and doors that confine it allowing the calm cool breezes of relaxation to flow in... continue reading...

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