many a problem do create one people to others.they hate them, they offend them, they insult them, they humiliate them, they bias and descriminate, they disrespect them, they ignore them, they lie to them...it's a very heavy burden to carry after a working week.so, people resort to a very old trick of the ostrich- hide their heads in... no! not in the sand.in something that will give them the chance to forget the bad, to be forgotten and left alone:they become Diogens and find their tub,that tub could be a tv box, a computer box, a glass bottle of some bevarage, a club, a park, a bed...usually, the escape space is also illusional and virtual,.

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Paul Schroeder


by Paul SchroederMany Christians who celebrate the holiday (originally, 'holy day') of Christmas, little know that many of their traditional festive customs originated elsewhere in pagan/Roman traditions and have little or nothing to do, with Christmas ('Christ's Mass') or the Christian religion .False accounts attribute that In the year 300 A.D. when the Church, per se, entered England, a pagan group called the Druids (who didn't build Stonehenge) sacrificed human infants in a barbaric blood ritual practiced in a pagan religious event on December 25th .

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Arlene Wright-Correll

Some Good Reasons to Plant Comfrey

Some Good Reasons to Plant Comfrey?Many years ago a good friend of mine brought me some Comfrey clippings for my herbery.  Comfrey is a large, perennial plant that keeps on coming back every year.Comfrey (Symphytum officianale) is an attractive and useful plant, with large, hairy leaves and bell shaped purplish flowers. Native to Europe and temperate parts of Asia, it is in the same family as borage and forget me not.Comfrey can be grown almost anywhere and in most types of soil, but is happiest with some shade. Comfrey is a fast-growing plant, producing huge amounts of leaf during the growing season, and hence is...

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Jack H. Schick

Trains, Planes and Automobiles (3): Coast to Coast at Halloween

We were cruising down a two lane road in the 'Heart of the Mojave' region of the California desert. A big, diamond shaped yellow sign with a curved arrow on it was coming up fast. A smaller sign underneath it read: "20 MPH". I glanced down at the digital speedometer on our rental car and saw that I was doing 93. Naturally, I braked pretty hard. I was going closer to 50 than 20 when we went into the corner, but we made it okay. I gunned it again, bounced over the double railroad tracks and, a hundred yards or so past the crossing, skidded on the sand strewn asphalt and came to an askew stop at the intersection of Amboy Road and Route 66 (yes,.

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Joyce Shafer

Writing Fiction Is Not Like Playing Make-Believe

All fiction writers have much to pay attention to in order to create a reader-worthy novel. Something significant new fiction writers sometimes forget to pay attention to are the details.Let’s go back in time a bit. Many of us played make-believe as children. We’d come up with an idea then act out our story, often changing it as we went along. Maybe we were the only cast member or maybe we recruited one or more others to be on our pretend stage with us. We might have started out saying, “Let’s pretend that . . .” then took it from there. Perhaps what we suggested was agreed to by everyone who had a role in our mini-production. Perhaps one or.

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Write as Rain, writing therapy.
Ngozi Nwoke

Seedtime And Harvest-You Need A Sower's Mentality To Enjoy Your Harvest

"While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest shall not cease" - (Genesis 8:22). This law is so true, yet many don't walk in it and so lose out in the blessing it carries. Things hoped for are things expected and faith only delivers what is hoped for. This post encourages you to have a sower's mentality; to think and expect like a sower would for returns.Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap - Galatians 6:7 (NKJV) For the vision is yet for an appointed time; but at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry -.

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Hilda Cang

Petty Family Affair

FIRST, I would get very nervous when I see a mouse or a cockroach running out of the storeroom or anywhere else without a sign of pre warning just when such creature is least expected to be around in your anticipation.I dislike many insects as well. To me, most of them are poisonous and vicious except may be birds (not insects, though), I don't personally or deliberately have anything to do with them. Let them fly freely in the sky or down picking food in my backyard but birds these days tend to get lazier or perhaps smarter.  I once left a bunch of bananas in the dry kitchen and to my surprise, a few of them were being eaten or pecked..

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Jennifer Stewart

Harry Bernstein, Every Writer's Hero

Harry Bernstein. A name to remember. A writer who had plenty of 'enticement' to give up but who never gave into them. He has a mind-bending story. He wrote 40 books and destroyed most of the manuscripts as they were rejected, as all of them were. 40 books! Which means more than 40 rejections, you can bet. When he was 93 his beautiful wife Ruby died. They'd been married for 67 years and the pain was so intense that Harry wrote a memoire to help him cope with his grief.He took three years to write finish the book which he called The Invisible Wall. It’s about his bleak early childhood years, growing.

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Marlin Woosley

Review: My Life in Hidey Hole Hollow

My Life in Hidey Hole Hollow, Shari Vaudo, 2015 IBSN 978-1511471343My Life in Hidey Hole Hollow is collection of short story memoirs in the life of the author. She tells of retiring to a rural setting with her husband and lifetime partner, whom she lovingly refers to as The Frontiersman. Their home is on a dirt road where they enjoy the benefits of country living and endure the lack of things that they took granted in the suburban life that they left behind.From stories of a failed low budget mall, in the small town, to the facts about Passing Gas, which is a neighboring community, the reader is not likely to turn a page without experiencing.

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