Ngozi Nwoke

The Unfailing Great Provider

Do you worry how your needs will be met? Do you have a deadline ahead of you and you are afraid you won't be able to meet up with your financial obligations or agreement. I have good news! You need not worry or fear, for there is one who is more than able to supply all your needs and on time. And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus - Philippians 4:19 (NKJV) Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me? - Jeremiah 32:27 (NKJV) The almighty God, is the unfailing great provider, His riches are unlimited and the universe is at His beck and call to...

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YOU  RIGHTS STOPPED AT 12:00 PM/SPACE RIGHTS OF LIVING BEINGS/sorry: your teenager human rights are stopped: you are 18. congratulations!it's your birthday. we wish you all the best, but we are sorry to say that your childhood's human rights are stopped- you are now an adult.  you are illegal now on this planet. your child's benefits- to study, to have fun, to drink water, to eat, to sleep, to have a shelter, to get medical help, to have counselors, advocates and attorneys, to play, to call your parents are cannot be here any more. you are arrested, and you will be shuttled to another satellite of another...

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Hilda Cang

Submit A New Article

I just want to submit a new article every time I see there is barely one. Today is no different than yesterday. Paul and Ivan have contributed fairly on a regular basis and Jack too, writes one or two in a month. I haven't read anything new from Marlin this month. Jennifer and Patricia,  where are you?On the whole, I have always been pretty tied down both by work and people. People who are around me, young and old, or those that's quite far away from me. The assignment can be a heavy load and this bothers my mindset and eats away my energy and mentality. However, I manage it okay and life goes on.A week ago, our alma mater organized a..

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Paul Schroeder


Ancient Egypt with its amazing pyramids of wondrous construction which still baffles architects and engineers to this day has left many ancient writings that document encounters with small grey-reptilian aliens.Egypt, however, is not the only place that had been visited by Aliens in ancient times.  There is a plate called 'The Lolladoff plate', a 12,000 year old stone dish found in Nepal.  It clearly shows a disk shaped UFO at the top of the picture which is very hard to see from the photographed angle of the plate, however.There is also a figure on the disc which looks remarkably similar to a Grey, to the right on the disc.Notice..

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Jack H. Schick

Monster Found at Sewer Plant

     It's a mystery how the giant snapping turtle got into Final Clarifier #10. It certainly didn't come down the sewer pipes. It would have gotten hung up at the bar screen. If it got into the Grit Removal Building, where there is a wheelbarrow ramp it could walk up, it would have never gotten past the Raw Sewage pumps--in one piece at least. Any place else in the Plant, it would have had to climb steps. It was big enough to do that, so I guess that's how it got there.     The night shift operators are all young guys. They grew up with all the video games and electronic gadgets they have now-a-days. Wading.

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Write as Rain, writing therapy.
Jennifer Stewart

Harry Bernstein, Every Writer's Hero

Harry Bernstein. A name to remember. A writer who had plenty of 'enticement' to give up but who never gave into them. He has a mind-bending story. He wrote 40 books and destroyed most of the manuscripts as they were rejected, as all of them were. 40 books! Which means more than 40 rejections, you can bet. When he was 93 his beautiful wife Ruby died. They'd been married for 67 years and the pain was so intense that Harry wrote a memoire to help him cope with his grief.He took three years to write finish the book which he called The Invisible Wall. It’s about his bleak early childhood years, growing.

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Marlin Woosley

Review: My Life in Hidey Hole Hollow

My Life in Hidey Hole Hollow, Shari Vaudo, 2015 IBSN 978-1511471343My Life in Hidey Hole Hollow is collection of short story memoirs in the life of the author. She tells of retiring to a rural setting with her husband and lifetime partner, whom she lovingly refers to as The Frontiersman. Their home is on a dirt road where they enjoy the benefits of country living and endure the lack of things that they took granted in the suburban life that they left behind.From stories of a failed low budget mall, in the small town, to the facts about Passing Gas, which is a neighboring community, the reader is not likely to turn a page without experiencing.

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Bing Limousin


Miss Jo’s doing pretty good on the campaign trail, better than expected along her bumpy, dirt road ride to the White House. She knows because everybody she meets is pretty mad. That’s no surprise to us who know her. Or anyone who’s ever seen her play chess. Politics and Chess are more similar than ways they are not. Both are games of calculated moves based on synthetic strategies with an eye toward ruthless outcomes. Chess looks friendly enough, with the complement of various, stylish, carved characters, devoid of any real personality, sitting upon the controlled landscape of contrasting geometrics squares. At first...

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Arlene Wright-Correll

3 Deer Resistant Herbs

One of our customers asked me what herbs will deter damage caused by deer. I empathized with her because we all face the little critters that dine free in our gardens and deer are a nuisance in the garden. I told her she could minimize their damage by planting deer resistant herbs. You will be surprised at how many herbs are considered 'deer resistant'! You will have no trouble keeping deer out of the garden!There are many and I will write about them as time goes by.  However, here are three good ones and you can get the seed and plant them in the fall and they will be ready for protecting next year’s garden.  Each week I will try..

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