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  • The Extinction of "T. Rex": The Life and Death of Marc Bolan

    When my wife showed insistent disinterest I should have just said, “I’m going anyway, by myself if I have to!” I could have made the trip from Rawlins up to Casper in the four wheel drive, regardless of the weather. It was only about 125 miles. I would have had to come back that same night after the show, though. I had to work second shift the next day. But, I was young then and could handle that sort of thing. I pulled back the drapes and looked out at the snow swirling across the apartment complex’s parking lot and drifting up against the curbs and car tires. There wasn’t supposed to be that much accumulation, half a foot maybe. The wind...4 continue reading...

  • Ella's Attic

    Playing in the Shallows of Humor

     My bathroom counter is replete with cosmetics- I refuse to narrow myself down to ascetics- Just a small battle I try to win, in the war with hovering age; That threatens to waylay me at the pass, and lock me up in a cage. With medicare, pension and SS too, I manage to do what I want to do. Sixty is old, and seventy's older, but somehow I don't feel a damned bit colder- Don't give me extra time to be out and about- my feet still have clout, they don't have the gout!  Don't want anyone else to row my boat as long as I can do it; If I don't row each day- all I can say, is I'll do it when I get a round tuit. I won't go up the hill with Jack..6 continue reading...

  • How Perfect Do You Believe You Have to Be?

    Did anyone ever tell you, “If you’re not going to or can’t do it right, don’t do it at all”? That “advice” can be appropriate at times, but the rest of the time, it sets you up for self-sabotage and lack, actual or perceived. Obviously, there are times when you hope that’s the motto of a person, and you expect them to abide by it, such as someone performing surgery or a medical procedure, or a hairdresser who’s to cut, color, or perm your hair. You want them to get it right, no question about it. So, excluding any specific, significant actions when this statement should apply, we’re left to consider how it applies to the rest of our experiences and...2 continue reading...

  • Food & Thought

    AS I was just about to make myself comfortable and to enjoy the food I had cooked for lunch the other day, plus, I was actually starving and so I just helped myself heartily to the food while my granddaughter was sitting at the table and looking at me. She must have observed my action for a few seconds when she suddenly blurted out chuckling,  " Hilda, you-are-getting-fat ! " I was taken aback unexpectedly by her biting words and my hands automatically stopped the spoon and fork from moving. " Your tummy is also getting bigger. "  Giggling, came another frightening remark this time. My appeptite all gone by her sweet and innocent...12 continue reading...

  • Shopping at JennMart

    Ingrid put her three-year-old daughter into a cart from the corral in the parking lot. The power indicator showed that it had 75% charge. She touched the reverse control to back it out. It glided across the parking lot toward the store as she twisted the forward control. It was nice not to have a rock and roll cart, as Ingrid’s mother called them. Rock and roll shopping carts had a defect in the magnetic hover system. They wouldn’t glide smoothly over the surface of pavement or flooring. Ingrid’s mother told her stories, of the days long gone by, when you might get a thumper for shopping cart. Back in the day, the thumpers were annoying but a...8 continue reading...


     Judaism's High Holy Day, Yom Kippur, asks the God of our Fathers, our God who has chosen us, for forgiveness of our sins, and most of all, not to let us die, this year, as punishment for being a sinner, but instead, "to be written into the Book of Life, for another year".   Judaism's death threat and death penalty 5,000 year old religion, one I was born into, is an amalgam of Ancient Laws and proscribed penalties, laid out in Deuteronomy, Leviticus, and Acts, in the Old Testament Bible, laws with precisely mandated penalties,  from which there is no 'forgiveness'. Penalties...5 continue reading...

  • This & That With Kovacs

    Being a Fool and What Cats Really Think about Humans

    I’m a fool. I have cats, dogs and pet fish. The majority of my animals are rescue ones in one form or another but before you compliment me by saying that I’m a nice guy for helping animals in need, I say I’m more of a fool than a nice guy. I could have, and still could look the other way when it comes to my animals but I choose not to. So, for now, I’m saddled with furry, fuzzy and gilled hassles. Worry, vet bills, food, animal chores and me. But I’ve always thought that animals appreciated my doing for them. But now . . . I’m not so sure. I recently stumbled on what an unknown person claims is a written piece about animals, cats in particular...25 continue reading...

  • Got'em !!!

    Weeks ago I ceded my three month fight to the squirrels. I had a long talk with myself.  I was not sent to schools to let some glorified rats with fur tails get the best of me.  Their brains must be about the size of a walnut and mine the size of a muskmelon. I seriously contemplated the base configuration of the “squirrel proof” pole.  Those buggers were still enjoying the pounds of clean sand and concrete blocks.  The happier they got the more incensed I got. Between my Physics classes and spending years in commercial construction, I spotted another way to set all the concrete blocks, raise the pole and change it’s angle....2 continue reading...

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