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  • Evolution of the Telephone

    In the 19 th century, the telegraph system was the state of the art communication. An individual in one telegraph office would translate a written message into a message that was then tapped, in code, into a telegraph transmitter. The signal traveled through wires. Someone at the destination office for the telegraph company would pick up the sound on a telegraph receiver and translate the tap code back into written word. The written message was then delivered by hand to the individual intended to receive the communication. The downside was a lack of privacy for one’s messages. Serial obscene message senders were not common in those days. Yet too...1 continue reading...

  • The Heart Of Woman

    The sound of door banging was getting louder and louder outside Room No. 228 of the Leisure Hotel one cold and misty afternoon. The two occupants in the room could no longer pretend to ignore the unexpected intruder with such untimely interruption in the middle of their love affair, nor were they able to focus further on their spicy rendezvous they thought they could have it all. Unwillingly, Dave let out a sigh of annoyance, removing his body from the woman and stumbled towards the glass peephole in the door. To his astonishment, he saw his wife standing outside the door. She was not in the least of leaving until she caught him red handed. " Damn,..2 continue reading...

  • Setting the Record Straight on Iraq and the Islamic State

      The Levant [as in Islamic State of the Levant] is the eastern Mediterranean area and consists of the island of Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and part of southern Turkey. Opinion:  Patricia L Johnson Football season hasn’t technically begun, yet there is no shortage of Monday-morning-quarterbacks when it comes to the situation in Iraq and what to do about the Islamic State.  Anyone, that’s anyone has thrown in their 5 continue reading...

  • This & That With Kovacs

    Writers Block—Public Speaking—Heart, Soul and You

    What do you write about when you have no clue what to write about? While talking, personally, I’m never at a loss for words. I know some people are shaking their heads, mostly I hope in jest, saying, “You certainly can say that again, Steve!” But I communicate because I enjoy it. And I probably talk a tad too much here and there but most of my conversations are two-sided, which is good. As a kid, I was as hush-mouthed as a mute. I kept everything inside and never spoke from my heart or my deep feelings. I found it hard to talk. But once I found my voice I bolted out of the gate and haven’t stopped since! No, No, I’m kidding here, because...2 continue reading...


    Author's Preface: Rather than a fear-based approach to Dark Force Entity safety and caution, these judgements prescribe a required spiritual "shift"  towards the equally unseen goodness of the spirit world, and away from fear. Unlearning fear is a step by step acceptance and assertion, of one's spiritual 'self', a distance far and away from fearful  defenses mustered by one's material physical self.  The inter-dimensional door , left wide open after alien abductions,  invites in the gangster fringe element of the spirit world, and abductees the world over, flirt with the beast of interdimensional madness. One's... continue reading...

  • Contentment: The Secret Sauce of Life

    My dictionary offers a definition of content as having or showing no desire for something more or different. Hmm…Is that an accurate enough definition? I say no. How content do you feel right now? How contented would you say most of the people you know are right now? How many truly contented people do you know? Maybe it takes more than one hand for you to count them on, but possibly not. So, the next question would have to be: what’s up with that; why is true contentment as rare as it is ? To be contented is never to be confused with or mistaken as being resigned (reconciled) or acquiescent, which means to consent quietly without protest and... continue reading...

  • Good Morning America, Good Morning World

    A friend wrote me about my mother dying and said ‘I hope you’re writing …’ The short answer is, actually I’m not. The long answer is I stopped doing that a few years ago, long before my mother passed. I stop. Surely it wasn’t years ago, maybe a few months at most. I count. For once I’ve overestimated the passage of time. Months it is, but that was posting on my blog, which is not personal stuff, just political, supporting Barack Obama and Democrats from across the Indian Ocean. When did I stop writing anything personal? Yip. Years ago. When I started I was really isolated, and got such a brilliant response from writers on Searchwarp that I carried...8 continue reading...

  • The Extinction of "T. Rex": The Life and Death of Marc Bolan

    When my wife showed insistent disinterest I should have just said, “I’m going anyway, by myself if I have to!” I could have made the trip from Rawlins up to Casper in the four wheel drive, regardless of the weather. It was only about 125 miles. I would have had to come back that same night after the show, though. I had to work second shift the next day. But, I was young then and could handle that sort of thing. I pulled back the drapes and looked out at the snow swirling across the apartment complex’s parking lot and drifting up against the curbs and car tires. There wasn’t supposed to be that much accumulation, half a foot maybe. The wind...4 continue reading...

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