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  • Keep It In The Heart

    FANCY that, if you could pull a genie out of a bottle and he could grant you 3 wishes, what would your 3 wishes be ? A wealthy man was once granted a wish by a Dragon King just because he accidentally rescued a young Dragon Prince from getting lost in the jungle while he was on a hunting trip. The rich man kindly said to the Dragon Prince before releasing him back to safe ground, " Be more careful next time you come out to play. There's lots big animals in the jungle. " The next day as the man was strolling leisurely in his garden, enjoying the beauty of the flowers in the breezy afternoon, suddenly, to his astonishment, he saw a gorgeously... continue reading...

  • Is This the Start of World War Three?

    I’m fortunate to have friends around the world.  From one last month I got a question.  She lives in one of our friendliest countries. Via telephone or radio, I catch myself dropping the Boston accent and phrases and into her country, though I have yet to arrive.  Only The Great Spirit knows when I’ll get there.  My plans were for this year.  He deleted those plans.  My number one host, who’d been with me around Missouri and the New Jersey area, was not answering the telephone. She’d sent me an e-mail saying she’d be off line for a while.  I knew her busy work took her all over the world.  Most would pay to... continue reading...


    I have heard astonishing things most unverifiable about Heaven, from odd psychic mediums: Too heavy smokers retain visibly black lungs, the vain- cosmetic- surgery- addicted, sport disfigured countenances, those too rich, ornate and gaudy, appear homely and threadbare. That is, according to some psychics, there is an inverse relationship between our aspects, after death, in an astral world, that mirrors and reflect our damages, foolishness and wrong values, from the life most recently departed. Who could foresee or imagine such spiritually blatant karma-ricochets ? ! But, what about trapped ghosts? Ghost-hunters rarely have a ... continue reading...


    THE ART GALLERY OF THE CTA STATIONS By Ivan Petryshyn You just take a bus and… you get into two $2.25 galleries: the one on the bus and the one outside the bus. Do not read any paper or a book: it may worsen your vision! So, on the bus. Some recommendations: do not stare! It is not nice and not urban. If you do not know, what “urban” means,  go to a “Target” and ask- they will demonstrate it for you. Now, set a plan: what do you want to observe? The make-up, the fashion, the way the people behave? Choose the motive, observe, and try to remember, or, if your memory is not good, take a pad or an I-Phone and record it, or make a... continue reading...

  • The Art of Making Wine

    This week’s email question asks, “I have recently started to make my own wine and I came across your book, “The ABC’s of Wine and Beer Making”.  I have some grapes that I grow, but I may not have enough. Plus how do I know how to increase the level of ripeness.  Any info will help greatly.” I do not know whether you are using/growing table grapes or a specific wine grape so here goes with a few things that I did during the 14 years I was a very serious home vintner.  I rarely had fresh grapes up in an area where we got 120 inches of snow a year and I used to round up about 7 or 8 other wine making friends and I would...4 continue reading...

  • Ella's Attic

    Personal Anger and the Metaphor of 9 11

    Anger is a human reaction to being adversely touched on a strong emotion. The stronger the touch, the stronger our reaction will be. Some touches turn into a punch, producing the extreme reaction we call anger which can throw all our emotions out of balance, and cause untold havoc inside us. A chaos of pain, fear and confusion. Physical work- why does it seem to help? Doing some type of physical action, takes our concentration off whatever made us angry and puts in on the actions we're doing- giving us a slight reprieve from the flames of anger, kind of like dipping a burnt finger into cool water, so to speak. We've drawn our attention to... continue reading...

  • Adam Worth: "The Napoleon of Crime" (Part 1- The Spider's Web)

    Sherlock Holmes said of his brilliant criminal nemesis, Professor James Moriarty: "He is the organizer of half that is evil an nearly all that is undetected in this great city (London). He is a genius, a philosopher, an abstract thinker. He has a brain of the first order. He sits motionless, like a spider in the center of its web, but that web has a thousand radiations, he knows well every quiver of each of them." According to Chicago Sunday Tribune writer, Vincent Starrett,  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, admitted in a conversation with Dr. Gray C. Briggs that he had patterned his great criminal mastermind after Adam...2 continue reading...

  • The Spoken Words of Spirit--May 26, 2014--Memorial Day

    I remember a conversation I had with my grandfather many years ago.  He was so proud of his time in the service during World War II.  He was about ten years older than all the others in the service, as he immediately walked in to the recruiters office when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.  Gramps had my mother and Uncle at home, who were born a year apart and both babies.  His decision to enlist caused my grandmother a huge burden; something that he would always acknowledge to me in his last years. While my grandfather would never give me specifics about his service, he would tell me nonchalantly about many of the horrors he either... continue reading...

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