Lawrence Jones

What I Want???

What I  want, is to stop and live in the moments of others and care for them.What I  want, is the time that takes to leave one country to the next to stop.What I  want, is the hope for a brighter day and tomorrow.What I  want, is you to read my poem and share it with others.What I  want,  is you to keep me in your prayers so I will prosper.What I  want, is you to keep love flowing from day to day.What I  want,  is you to take life serious and help spread truth.What I  want, is you to smile after you read this line.What I  want, is us to share with the world that love is the...

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Arlene Wright-Correll

Some Facts about Dehydrated Veggies and more

When we think about dehydrated veggies or even fruits we usually think conspiracy or survivalists, camping or way out places where you can’t get fresh. I will admit that fresh is better, but I think dehydrated is better than canned.I have done lots of canning and it is a tedious, time consuming job to say nothing of hot!It is easy to do dehydrating and it is not expensive.  Once you get started you can walk away from it while it does its thing.  In 1973 Carl made me a 12 shelf dehydrator and I was hooked.  Nowadays I have a commercial one.

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Ngozi Nwoke

New Year-Your Green Pasture Is In You

Are you a looking for a greener pasture this year? Or are you wondering where to go for a better life? It is the heart desire of many people to have a better year this year than it was last year, and they are at a crossroad, wondering where to turn into. This article gives you a lead on which way to turn into.You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4, NKJV,emphasizes mine)Then the Lord appeared to him and said: "Do not go down to Egypt; live in the land of which I shall tell you. Dwell in this land, and I will be with you and bless you; for to you and..

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Hilda Cang

A Thought This Year

2016 has openly taken over 2015 in its due course, without a jiffy's hesitation. I have not the least of any new year's resolution in my bucket list while having fun. There were relatives coming over from the west and the east for Christmas and the new year's. Besides the unstoppable dining out and other occasion for kids to go swimming at their hotel pool, the adults were also having too much to chat and too much to drink as a new chapter to welcome the new year. However, there must be time to say goodbye in due course. The sunny vacation eventually ended. Another daunting task soon to arrive.The first day of school for my 7 years old...

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Deepti Apostle

Strange People Around Us!

No two people are same in their methods, behavior, nature, competencies, capability and in their social interaction with others. Though many of us will understand a particular situation but either choose not to react or take things easy. While the others falling in the different category will panic, shout and blame others for their own wrongdoings. You can’t say a word because they choose not to understand or hear from other person. Yes I am talking about those strange people who are around us!  A new character I met recently is from this category. I know him from a very long period of FIVE days. Yes long because each second is...

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Write as Rain, writing therapy.
Paul Schroeder


Combat and Military Memory of my Father: I Could Have Told Him That I Loved Himby Paul SchroederMy father parachuted into Germany and was captured that same week; he and his Screaming Eagles company buddies were holed up in a farmhouse armed with machine guns when a Tiger Tank rolled up to it and put its muzzle into a window and fired.He recalled his ferocious gnawing hunger and told me that at the prisoner of war camp at night, when he slept, mice would creep into his buttoned shirt vest pocket to steal

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You know that one can feel a UFO only by the intellect: there is nothing else that can help you to detect it. At the moment of the UFO arrival, you do not feel your body- you become intellectually very strong, your material integrity becomes insignificant, you seem to be a robot deprived of every emotion, every wish, any dream. You seem to become an all-knowing creature who possesses very strong power- technological, psychological, intellectual...You see, you hear, but with some kind of a speed delay. You move, like in a movie still. It seems to you, as if you were here, but already - there, as if it were the present, and already- the...

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Jack H. Schick

Trains, Planes and Automobiles (3): Coast to Coast at Halloween

We were cruising down a two lane road in the 'Heart of the Mojave' region of the California desert. A big, diamond shaped yellow sign with a curved arrow on it was coming up fast. A smaller sign underneath it read: "20 MPH". I glanced down at the digital speedometer on our rental car and saw that I was doing 93. Naturally, I braked pretty hard. I was going closer to 50 than 20 when we went into the corner, but we made it okay. I gunned it again, bounced over the double railroad tracks and, a hundred yards or so past the crossing, skidded on the sand strewn asphalt and came to an askew stop at the intersection of Amboy Road and Route 66 (yes,.

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Joyce Shafer

Writing Fiction Is Not Like Playing Make-Believe

All fiction writers have much to pay attention to in order to create a reader-worthy novel. Something significant new fiction writers sometimes forget to pay attention to are the details.Let’s go back in time a bit. Many of us played make-believe as children. We’d come up with an idea then act out our story, often changing it as we went along. Maybe we were the only cast member or maybe we recruited one or more others to be on our pretend stage with us. We might have started out saying, “Let’s pretend that . . .” then took it from there. Perhaps what we suggested was agreed to by everyone who had a role in our mini-production. Perhaps one or.

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